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All men go through challenging times and it's normal to react with negative emotions when facing them.


Our life experiences, upbringing, environment and habits all affect our mental health

and influence how we think and react to situations.

Remember, ALL men are different and some of us are more deeply affected by events

than others and depending on the support we receive they can impact other areas of our life.


Men's mental health and well-being is important and investing in healthy and consistent

daily routines will help to deal with difficult times and form positive life changing habits.

Below are some great support networks that offer free support and insight for you to use.

raising your 

Stigma has been reported as an massive deterrent for seeking help for mental health problems,

this is amplified more within men due to concerns about what other men will say and think.

The more men share their experiences with mental health, the more other men are able to recognise their own problems and feel comfortable to seek the support they need. 

important links

Mind  0300 123 3393

Young Minds

Papyrus  0800 068 4141

Calm Zone 0800 585858


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