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"we are what we repeatedly do" said Aristotle. "Excellence then, is not an act but a habit."

Your daily habits determine your health, wealth and happiness

Most things in life are repeated through habit and routine which dictates the way you think, feel and behave.

These learnt behaviours are instilled into you from the minute you're able to take in information and communicate it back.

For a new behaviour to become automatic you have continually reinforced those behaviours which shape how you view yourself, other people and the world around you. 

Here's the thing, your habits and routines impact every aspect of your life, which over time can start to work against you rather than in your favour. 

Many of your past issues, your current environment and the people around you can hold you back or keep you in a negative state of mind.

Remember, you're repeating cycles of behaviour so familiar and embedded into your daily life you don't even notice they exist - let alone realise how they impact your ability to move forwards.

Life is built around habits and routines

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Your identity can often get lost in the routines of just keeping up with your everyday responsibilities.

You have become known for what you do rather than who you are.


You attach yourself to your negative thoughts and inner critic making it difficult to know "who the f*"k I am" are anymore, which impacts your confidence, self-esteem and how you see and feel about yourself. 

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Personal life

Old habits are hard to break when your still living the lifestyle your trying to escape.

You've become stuck on life's roundabout drowning in indecision always thinking about the life you really want and also fearing what the future holds.


Always playing catch-up with sleep, work or family time feeling like life is ebbing away with no real purpose or direction.

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Personal growth

Expectations from family, peers and work can often leave you feeling undervalued, underappreciated, stuck and affect your ability to cope with change. 

You make choices that permit the habits you're trying to break. Your focus is on what you "don't have" rather than concentrating on achieving what you really want. 

Goals, aspirations and personal growth stagnate due to lack of direction, support or feeling selfish to want to invest in your future. 

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Mental wellbeing

You always place the needs of everyone else above your own. You have no clear boundaries in place.


Physically you're unhappy, adopting unhealthy hard to break habits. Daily challenges feel a little more difficult and normal tasks take longer to finish.

Changes in your thinking, emotional state and behaviour can have a detrimental impact on your mental health and wellbeing. 

Challenge what you know or become what you grow

You become what you repeatedly think and your mind reinforces those narratives affecting efforts to implement or sustain positive life changing habits and routines.

Negative cycles of behaviour prevent you from taking control of your life and you end up adopting habits that don't match goals or aspirations leaving you feeling overwhelmed, stuck, depressed, burnout or even worse.  

A routine is nothing other than a conscious choice to live your life in a certain way through healthy repetition and making a commitment to the process of change. 

I work with men to help them break the negative habitual cycles holding them back from becoming the men they really want to be. 

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Life Coaching 
and you

I get why men are scared about investing in themselves, it takes balls to admit there's a problem or your struggling to get a grip on your life.


Here's the thing, can you afford for things to stay as they are?

Your mind creates reasons why you can't or shouldn't invest in yourself, excuses like lack of time or money but in reality it's a lack of confidence and self-worth, past issues or in many cases it's their bad habits and routines.

Coaching is an investment for the future you, it provides the tools and techniques you need to take control of your life and become better equipped to deal with life's challenges.


Think of it as having a personal trainer for your mind, there is no quick-fix, no magic wand or overnight transformation, it's about you committing to the process of change to become a better man.

How my coaching can help you


self-improvement means nothing without self acceptance. You have to meet yourself where you currently are - living in the past will only hold you hostage to your future. I'll encourage you to see the world from a different perspective and show you how to future plan and to set realistic goals to achieve those plans cultivating ambition and opportunities. 

Life by design

Help you to discover what you want out of life and expand on the experience and skills you have. Implement positive daily habits and routines that will create balance and push you beyond your limitations. Show you how to set boundaries that facilitate your needs and explore ways of embracing challenges that take you out of your  comfort zone .  

Mental health & wellbeing

Your mental health is worth more than anything you'll ever earn - you have to give yourself what you need and give back to yourself not compare yourself to others. I'll teach you techniques to combat intrusive negative thoughts and exercises to help with depression and anxiety. Ways to challenge your inner saboteur and identify negative patterns of behaviour and invest quality time in you.


To truly move forward you have to meet yourself where you currently are and let go of  who you were.  Reframing the negative narratives you have about yourself and replacing them with positive ones will help to realign who you want to become. Create space to grow into and learn to show up and give yourself what you need.

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Client feedback


"I liked Lee's direct, straight-talking approach and knowledge that was based on professional and life experience"


"Lee is much more than a life coach, he sat and absorbed what I told him questioning my habits and challenged them"


"Over the past 3 months Lee's coaching style has allowed me to focus on getting my life back on track to feel content in the knowledge that I have new foundations on which to build"



"Lee's no nonsense approach is direct but yields amazing results. he broke down all the different elements of my daily routine and helped rebuild them, we worked on changing destructive habits and self-image issues. I can't thank him enough for his support, encouragement and now friendship he has shown my journey of personal transformation"


"I was struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem. I was overthinking things, particularly at night making it difficult to sleep. Lee helped me rationalise my thinking and created a good morning routine which has made a big improvement in so many areas of my life" Thank you Lee. 


"I highly recommend working with Lee as a coach, I was stuck in rut, Lee got me to focus on what I really wanted and realise my goals were obtainable if I stopped making excuses and directed my energy in the right areas. Lee is honest, direct and down-to-earth but serious, he is someone who had my back and could see my full potential when I would struggle to see it"