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give yourself what you need 

Many men have a bad relationships with themselves

due to stigma, judgement and a lack of self-belief. 

we judge ourselves on


other people's  opinions

what we have

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Men on Beach

are you a man who wants to

  • Feel noticed, heard and appreciated.

  • Build confidence and develop yourself.

  • Break destructive behaviours. 

  • Deal with everyday stresses more effectively.

  • Create healthier relationships. 

  • Make better life choices, create good routines and positive habits. 

  • Look after your mental health and wellbeing. 

  • Achieve your goals and accomplish your full potential. 

  • Be more fulfilled with work, at home and in your personal pursuits.

  • Get your life together, become a better man and make yourself a priority. 

how i help men make themselves
a priority

  • Provide a safe and confidential space for you to talk openly without judgement.  

  • Help you identify the areas of your life you want to change. 

  • Show you how to implement structure and routine into your busy life. 

  • Offer different perspectives to overcome destructive habits and limiting beliefs. 

  • Show you how to give yourself what you need and make your needs a priority. 

  • Breakdown the stigma preventing you from looking after your mental health & wellbeing.

  • Provide you with tools and techniques to take back control of your life.

the Mission

The mission is to help you achieve more than you limit yourself to believe, to break the learned cycles of behaviour preventing you from achieving positive lifestyle changes.


The aim is to help you identify what's holding you back, explore unhealthy habits and provide you with the tools and techniques to better equip you to change your life. 

We'll work on developing your self-awareness around your mental health, how to put in healthy boundaries and create positive habits to help you maintain a balanced life.  

We know how hard the first step can be and how important it is to connect with someone who understands from their own experiences. 

A conversation can make a big difference , so let's have a chat.

a bit about me

Excel centre

Qualified Men's LIfe Coach

CBT | MBCT Practitioner | MHFA

Host of The Struggling Mind podcast

l'm just an average man who lost his way in life and instead of reaching out for support used drugs and alcohol to avoid and mask my issues which led to me making two attempts on my life before eventually having a mental breakdown. 


After years of working on myself I've begun to find self acceptance and a better relationship with myself which has helped to create a life I want rather than destroying the life I was living.

I'm 5 years drug free and 2 years sober, living in France running my online life coaching practice. I'm part of a team providing talks across the UK raising awareness for Men's Mental Health and Wellbeing on behalf of The Lighthouse Construction Industry Club . 


My purpose is to share the knowledge and experience that's helped me with other men so they can give themselves what they need to become better informed men and make themselves a priority. 

why work with me

I understand the importance of receiving encouragement and support when you're struggling, overwhelmed or feeling frustrated.

I'm open about my journey, I've been where you are and understand how vital it is to find the right support that works for you to make those positive life changes you crave. 

My coaching is honest, direct and focused on talk therapy and accountability helping you to identify behaviours and beliefs preventing you achieving those changes.


If you're not sure what to do next, send me a message using the form below to book a free chat.

coaching offers


free consultation


It gives you the opportunity to see if my type of coaching is for you. Maybe you've never used a coach before and you just want to get a feel for it. I'll offer some direction and feedback without making you feel obligated to make a commitment.  The hard sell is not my style.


a space to talk

£400 3 sessions

It's important to feel heard and have a space to talk through an issue or situation you're currently facing.  You could be seeking direction or motivation with something that's preventing you moving forward or a different perspective on where you currently find yourself.


time to change

£800 7 sessions

Change requires consistency,

commitment and focus, I will guide you towards creating the results for that happier balanced life you crave.

 7 x 1 hour sessions

over 3 months via zoom

Email/WhatsApp access during the program

Homework to keep you engaged between sessions  

A payment plan is available.


what my clients say

Liam - Wales

“Lee's no nonsense approach is direct but gets amazing results, breaking down all my destructive habits and limiting beliefs and helping me rebuild positive new ones transforming my life."

Let's have a chat,

it's free and could change your life


Thanks for submitting!

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